My master is a demon

My master is a demon

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Kentomi Sama By Kentomi-sama Completed

A/N : rewrote. o(〃^▽^〃) I hope you guys like it. .=_=.


I woke up with my usual routine. I put on my clothes after i showered and turned on the TV. I listened to the news while i made myseld breakfast. Everything was normal like it was every morning. I ate quickly then headed out the door to work.
I usually just walk to work cause its only 15 minutes away. I started walking and i couldn't help but notice there was a loud dispute ahead of me. I cautiously continued walking and tried to act normal as i grew closer to the two men arguing. 
"Hey! Don't you see us talking?! Get lost!" The older guy shouted at me as i uttered a apology and ran off quickly. But it was something about the guy that was with him that made every thing seem off. I shook off the nervous feeling i had and ran the rest of the way to work.
"Shino!" My friend and co-worker Taki shouted as i smiled at him. "Good morning Taki." I greeted as he smiled at me. "I heard our new boss is coming today! Im so nervou...

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