Two worlds collide (Percy Jackson and Harry Potter crossover)

Two worlds collide (Percy Jackson and Harry Potter crossover)

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Khloe By Captainharuchan Updated Jan 30

*I looked at Annabeth "What do we do Wise girl?"

*"Percy!" Annabeth screamed a late warning.*

*"Potter. A pleasure to see you again." Voldemort lifted his wand.*

Basically the title says it all: A Percy Jackson and Harry Potter fanfiction with a tad of Doctor Who

How the monsters trying to kill Percy feel like all the time
Erol should have enough brain damage to kill him. Seriously, if every time that he delivered something, then he should at least be in a comma.
You know what be funny is that instead he got a hamster and named it Percy
"YE! PROPHECY TIME! PUPPYCAKE, GET THE POPCORN!" KAY! *makes 20 gallons(?) Of popcorn* LEZ GOM
netmix24 netmix24 May 09
When I read this i thought something like: What Percy do in Harry's world?!
bookgirl29 bookgirl29 Jan 01
J.K Rowling said that Kingsley Shacklebolt became minister after the war