Mates with the Alpha

Mates with the Alpha

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jennifer_bahna By jennifer_bahna Updated Jul 17, 2015

He is cold.
He is ruthless.
He is terrifying.
He is a monster.
He is the Alpha of the world most dominate pack: the Crescent Moon Pack. He has the body of a god, the face of an angle, the conscience of a devil, and the wrath of a thousand men. 
He is Alpha Damien Woods.
They say he is too cruel to have a mate, and from the look of it, they may be right...that is until he meets Rose.

And what happens when he finds out that he just might have to share her?

Rose Winters was a normal child. But on her 7th birthday it all changed. That was the night her mother had got into a car crash, but only Rose survived. Ever since the day her father had done nothing but blame her for her mother's death. She is 16 and is counting down the days until she can escape from this pit of hell. 

She was told never go into the forest, no one knows what lives beyond the trees.

But as they say, curiosity kills the cat.
Good thing the cat had 9 lives.

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- - Apr 09, 2016
I like it so far, good job! 
                              And don't be offended if I find mess ups and use my sass to show it, it's all good fun! 
                              Good job! 😍
Yournotmycupoftea Yournotmycupoftea Aug 12, 2016
Oh lol I thought it was HER POV and i was like WHY THE FUQ DOES SHE HAVE A MALE WOLF?!
crazypigs000 crazypigs000 Sep 15, 2015
Thank you, all of the other authors say on the side and I'm like nooooo
kristine0409 kristine0409 Sep 14, 2015
Hubba Hubba my Gollie does anyone sometimes get squeaky voice I do sigh.......
- - Jul 10, 2015
I'm freakin loving this story. My name is Rose, I'm finally the main character. This is just fantastical!
lildevil16 lildevil16 May 25, 2015
What type of father does that  then again that brings back memories for me