I'm your guardian angel.  Creepypasta x reader

I'm your guardian angel. Creepypasta x reader

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connor_franta_o2l By connor_franta_o2l Updated Jan 09, 2016

the daughter of tender man (y/n) kills her victims by putting her sharp teeth on their neck , putting two of her sharp long finger nails in your mouth ready to rip off your jaw so you do not scream, and put putting two fingers right at your eyes ready to pull out your eyes.

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I don't like correcting people because I think it's rude, but come on bro it's trenderman not tenderman
Dude wth this is your first book and its like this? U should send a book to a publisher u have potential to b a famous author of horror stories like Stephen King
Minor gripe. Some one's, should be someone's. Someone is a person. Some one isn't anything. :)
                              But you could also shorten the whole thing by simply saying. "Random POV" OR "Third person POV"
                              Just an idea.
Otter_King Otter_King Jul 17, 2016
My memory is fuzzy but isn't tender man the one that is like a mom sorta like he makes sure they are all ok? Someone tell me
Tender whos that?
                              I know Slenderman Trenderman Splendorman and Offenderman