[C&E] ExoPink Got Married!

[C&E] ExoPink Got Married!

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~ Yes you're right,I know
Everything has faded away
It's all disappeared like a dream ~

- Apink "To. Us" -

Also available in Malay version.Check on my malay account @imyouruniverse

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Must you want with krystal right?? I'm hate krystal too much actually.. (sorry to krystal fans)
I_love_88 I_love_88 Dec 12, 2016
Seriously, d.o.  I just can't *sigh**walks away with a tear in her eye*
CharlottesCookie CharlottesCookie Jan 26, 2016
YAH! they're from your company too, why would you want them to be in the wgm with you. Do it with other girl group dude~ its a life time chance! xD
_xxjessaxx_ _xxjessaxx_ Jan 16, 2016
Waaah exopink....Im a big fan of a pink... They look good together
- - Jan 01, 2016
Welp I still don't understand Korea but those phrases sound so polite
thatbrownnyancat thatbrownnyancat Jun 30, 2015
Thats my house everyday. My parents are Nazi's and my grandma is Hitler