The Witch Chronicles (BoyxBoy) [Wattys 2017]

The Witch Chronicles (BoyxBoy) [Wattys 2017]

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Patrick Roberts By BedPeaceVapors Completed

[Part 1, Completed✔]

Perry Bennett is an intelligent, witty high school student in a small town adjacent to Salem. As the summer ends, he is recuperating after a particularly painful break-up, if they ever were truly together in the first place. 

His life is about change forever.

As he begins his school year, he meets a pair of vampire twins that change his life and the lives of everyone around him. As the year goes on, he dives head first into the supernatural world with only his friends Eva and Charlotte to ground him to the mortal world.

Little does Perry know that the brothers are just the precursor to a world of pain and death. He quickly realizes that he's not a normal guy, further alienating himself from the world he'd become accustomed to. As the darkness of the supernatural world threatens to engulf him, he must use his own light to combat the darkness, all the while struggling with his split feelings for a vampire and werewolf.

He becomes a savior with death all around, though how many will he have to lose in the process?

Part #1 of the Witch Chronicles

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thespian-lesbian thespian-lesbian Sep 28, 2017
heather chandler's voice is going to ring through my ears for the next week
KingDylan___ KingDylan___ Dec 23, 2017
Like. This is why I’m reading this book a second time. 💀💀
BedPeaceVapors BedPeaceVapors Dec 05, 2017
Because I'm African American. I identify as African American, as does a large number of black people. So, I didn't say it to offend anyone but I based him off of me. We can all be one race but Peyton identifies as African American. No offense meant.
thespian-lesbian thespian-lesbian Sep 28, 2017
also seriously how has no one commented on that before me like
Only a certain group of people know about this book/movie ❤
thomasdejager thomasdejager Dec 05, 2017
Why do you say African American? And not just American? It's so rude. I'm African but I'm not dark skinned. I am not trying to start something, but we are all one race.