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Your POV

"Get her!"

"Dont let her get away!" 

Was all I heard from behind me as I ran for my life at full speed.  Three older men were chasing me after I have stole a loaf of bread from them, but I had no other choice. I had no money, job, and was starving. Stealing was my only option. 

I run into a alley hoping to lose them, but sadly it was just a dead end. 

"Crap." I said under my breath, while trying to catch my breathe. I turn around to see all three men standing in front of me with a beyond angry expression on their face.

"Come here little girl." The man in the middle walks closer to me.

I pulled out my throwing knives from my pocket and cut his hand as he tried reaching out to grab me.

"Ah!" He groaned in pain. "What the hell you brat, Get her!" He commands the two other men behind him. 

I throw a knife at both of them which takes down the guy on the left in a instant. However, the guy on the right manages to dodge it.

He grabs both of my hands and shoves me against th...

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jscarlet_19 jscarlet_19 Mar 17, 2017
Hold up .. I'm sorry what ?? Thought this was a Levi x Reader fanfic .. not a Levi x OC
naru_karu naru_karu Feb 20
Is it Levi’s hobby saving chicks and bringing them to his house or something??
naru_karu naru_karu Feb 20
Were the eyes the first thing Rosé noticed? For me it’d be the eyebrows—
KaidaDragon KaidaDragon Jun 14, 2017
Wait! I can fix this situation. We don't trust Levi and Farlan enough to give them our REAL names, so we lie and say our name is Rosé.
naru_karu naru_karu Feb 20
You mean someplace where I’d probably die on the first day??
                              ... Yes.
AnythingGirl03 AnythingGirl03 Aug 22, 2017
Well at least he is a hot stranger who killed someone to protect my honor.