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I'll love you forever {PokeShipping}

I'll love you forever {PokeShipping}

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wake me up inside By Papyrused Completed

The redhead grasped his midnight black hair. 
  "You idiot! You know how worried I was?!" Misty Waterflower pushed him and Ash Ketchum stumbled to the ground. "Answer me!" Misty yelled, gripping her hands until they were white. 
  Ash's dark chocolate eyes looked far away. 
  "Go to  Hell!" She whispered fiercely. 
  His far away eyes grew teary and Misty noticed straight away. 
  "W-wait, no I didn't... Ash, I-" The gym leader had quickly regretted her choice of unnecessary language. 
  But as quickly as she regretted it, Ash pulled her towards him and wrapped his arms around her, whispering, "I'll love you forever, I'll love you forever, I'll love you forever, I'll love you forever-"

  Misty Waterflower gasped as she awoke from her dream. She sighed.
  "Another dream." The redhead fiddled with her blanket. "I wonder if I'll ever see him again..." 

  Her phone viberated. 
  'Hey Mist stoping by hope u don't mind Ill be there soon'

-Mystic-Night- -Mystic-Night- Jul 05, 2016
LIFE MAKES NO SENSE! So everything that makes no sense does make sense in a way that makes sense, but not really nothing makes sense and yet it does make sense.
                              Do you understand?
Randomname12321 Randomname12321 May 04, 2016
                              KNIFE TO MEET YOU
                              CAN I AXE YOU A QUESTION
                              TANK YOU
lucybonsack lucybonsack Jan 06
honestly i ship amourshipping but it's books like this that makes me not want to lol
Guillotinegirl Guillotinegirl Jul 28, 2016
I fücking hate AmourShipping!! PokéShipping and RocketShipping for life!!
hhuhuhuhuhuh hhuhuhuhuhuh Aug 31, 2016
Im late but......
                              Psyducks a Golduck that can swim!?!!?!?
AshofPalletTown AshofPalletTown Nov 25, 2016
Misty would beat Serena in a fight so badly that it would be sad. Serena sucks😂