Accidentally Kidnapped

Accidentally Kidnapped

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♡ I should be doing homework ♡ By HessianKills Completed

When 17 year old November Jones accidentally burns off her left eyebrow in a freak accident, she brushes it off. 

Nothing a bit of makeup can't fix, right? 

But when she finds herself shoved into the backseat of her own car as a couple of very big, very bad, and very dangerous-looking men drive off with it, things can't be so easily fixed...especially since it's not just her missing eyebrow that needs to be covered, it's also the fact that one of the most wanted criminal organizations in the country accidentally kidnapped a teenage girl while trying to escape a drug deal gone wrong. Could things get any worse?

Well, with a girl like November in the mix, the answer is yes.

AnaBadass AnaBadass Oct 13
Damn, I am only in a Summary and I am already crying. 😩😩😩
                              Why left eyebrow, did the left eyebrow tried to save her friend and she didn't make it. 
                              Left... Eyebrow You shall be missed...
Mariiapayne Mariiapayne Oct 25
OMG EYEBROW! I CARR ABOUT EYEBROWS MORE THAN PIZZA TBH! If I ever mistakenly shave em ( GOD , I HOPE NEVER) but who knows , I'll never  come out of room until they grew back! Eye brows are very important for me !!!!
BritBrat429 BritBrat429 Oct 11
My mind went left 😭😭😭 I was like sucking on what now ? Then I read the whole thing
AnaBadass AnaBadass Oct 13
The only reason why this reminded me of sans is because I am replaying the Undertale series 😂😂😂😂
Second time reading this. BEST BOOK EVEEERRRRR!!!!!!!😍😍😍💖💓💓FUCKIN LOVE THIS BOOK. excuse my frenchiwawa... Srry. Super hype... Too much skittles...jk kidding, there is no such thing as too much skittles😂