Queen Rogue

Queen Rogue

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Swayze Madison Bridges By thats_me_sway Completed

Natalia is a rogue; she's Queen. She has hidden her true self away from people, and only revealing half of herself.

When she's injured and returns to a friend in the city, she finds things to be fairly normal. Though, she doesn't realize  a war is right beneath her feet. 

After a little of her rogue side comes out in a burst of anger, she runs away. She spends eight days in the safe haven. Those eight days turn out to be eight months in the real world, causing everyone to believe she's dead. 

A surprise of her own comes when she leaves, and a kind stranger lends her a hand, some clothes, and room, as well as protection.

When she finally returns to the city, she finds it destroyed. She then realizes this little war she thought she had escaped from had only gotten bigger. 

And the best part is, she's the only one who can stop it.

Finally a story were you aren't a pure white wolf cause it's so cliche and cringy
Ive been looking for a book were the main character stays in wolf form an low and behold here one is so yyyaaaaaaaayyyyy