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☆ By hugs_for_hippies Updated Dec 10, 2017

You were the new girl in town.

Adored by some , hated by many.

Why? Because you are human and you live on werewolf territory.

With a new school, you make new friends but also enemies. When a boy catches your eye, you fall head over heels with him. Until he says those words,

I,Beta Levi Ackerman, reject you (F/n (L/n) as my mate.

You don't know what this means so you shrug it off but what happens when everything starts to click and you start to feel the symptoms of rejection?

All because of a simple rejection.

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Zyra_Takamashi Zyra_Takamashi Apr 20, 2017
Oh. Okay where do you fund a place like that in the world these days I need a vacation
Fangurl_Always Fangurl_Always Nov 07, 2017
I thought it said the lone wolf in your room and I was like huh.
Zyra_Takamashi Zyra_Takamashi Apr 20, 2017
Wait so does that men we are a wolf but then since we reject*ha* that they aren't real we can't transform yet. If not then that's fine.
Zyra_Takamashi Zyra_Takamashi Apr 20, 2017
I have stairs in my house and every morning and afternoon I have to climb up and down those stairs to get out of bed and to get bacjninto bed. So I'm not out of shape.
Kacchanie Kacchanie Oct 22, 2017
At Philippines we probably don't see Deers and Turkey's everywhere
Beatsdug0138 Beatsdug0138 Nov 27, 2016
i hate it when my legs fall asleep. they start to hurt so freaking much