Styles Enterprises | H.S

Styles Enterprises | H.S

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Selena is a twenty one year old girl living in the big apple with her best friend Chris. Both of them working for a company in the city of New York. The two of them being best friends since grade school moved to New York after graduating college. In the company they work for, Chris has the job as Co-Chairman of the Management Board, as Selena is the assistant to the CEO, Niall Horan. Though when you're company isn't highest in ranking someone else has to be signing the checks. 
Though Niall is CEO, he works in a building owned by the highest CEO and business man in New York.

Harry Styles.

 Harry owns his own company and is in charge of it all. Self made millionaire and New York's most eligible bachelor. With all his business comes responsibility. He's intimidating, stubborn and those who don't personally know him would say he's unpleasant to be around and or work for. He never takes no for an answer and always gets his way. Though when he stumbles upon a brunette who doesn't seem to understand his kind of power, he found himself somewhere he never though he'd be.

After was great yeah awesome but like don't drag the vibe into every fvcking Harry Styles fanfic 🙄
NickelBack_ NickelBack_ Dec 29, 2015
I totally love Fifty Shades of Grey! And I totally agree with you!
DeemaAwad1D DeemaAwad1D Jul 22, 2015
I totally agree with u like I love after and it's a great fanfic but people need to stop with the comparing there are so many amazing writers out there u don't have to compare then to Ana Todd like they can both be good
blissfoul blissfoul Jul 20, 2015
I read all the books in 3 days LEGIT last summer I was obsessed omg I read it 24/7 and cried when I was done
kindaharlena kindaharlena Apr 18, 2015
why do i already feel like this is gonna be a great  and amazing book??? ;)