Learning to trust-A Zutara Story

Learning to trust-A Zutara Story

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Katara spend a great amounts of time hating Zuko after his betrayal under the crystal catacombs of Ba Sing Se. She had trusted him and he had betrayed her. When he joins Aang and starts teaching him fire bending her emotions get complicated and she is soon torn between her hatred towards the fire nation and her strange attraction  to the Prince of said nation. Zuko infuriates her, annoys her , he is a constant reminder of Aang almost dying yet she finds herself trusting him again and slowly loving him. 


The story is currently under Edit because it has been two years since I completed it and my English  and writing ability have improved since then. I just need to fix it and make it perfect!

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NeverLandDreamer01 NeverLandDreamer01 Oct 30, 2016
Omg we almost have the same name, except mine is spelled Katharina.
just_llyxz just_llyxz Nov 29, 2016
You're from Greece?? That's awesome! Your grammar and organization is much better than most of my classmates'.
Melody_Song56 Melody_Song56 Jun 12, 2016
Other than the period thing irdaanna said you are doing great. You have great grammar, spelling, and the way you write is really good. Keep writing stories.😄
irdaanna irdaanna Feb 08, 2016
There is supposed to be a space after every (.) But other then that you're doing great!
koulakoukoula koulakoukoula Jan 15, 2017
You're a greek!? That's great I'm a greek. Glad to finally meet someone from Greece who can talk English!
Sugaswaifu Sugaswaifu Oct 20, 2015
Don't worry, there are english speakers who are TERRIBLE at writing, You are actually pretty good. I'm taking classes on how to write better stories (since I am a book nerd) and writing fanfics too. Keep up the good work and you can become an amazing writer!  Fighting!!