Atelian (Anime RP)

Atelian (Anime RP)

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eterna321 By eterna321 Updated Feb 14, 2015

Atelian, a world of magic and is currently being plagued with monsters from the nether realm. You and countless others have been summoned from your world to this one to help stop the monsters know as the Illimontus from destroying everything. But before you can embark on your mission you must first do one thing; master your magic.

That is why you are enrolled into the Atelian Elite Magic Institute; or the AEMI. Here you will master your primary magic, learn about your secondary magic, and go on quests to slay monsters. Make friends, meet rivals, and explore the dazzling world of Atelian. 

Let the adventure begin. 

This is an anime RP book. Your OC can come from any anime, even is that anime doesn't have any magic.

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  • fantasy
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eterna321 eterna321 Mar 03, 2015
Well, it would be preferred because some of the teachers will be anime characters.
crystalkeepers crystalkeepers Mar 03, 2015
Does it have to be an OC ot can it be an anime character strait up