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Till the End of the Line(Book One)

Till the End of the Line(Book One)

20.7K Reads 825 Votes 21 Part Story
Sociopathic Fangirl By CaptainC_ Completed

Natalie Carson is one of the greatest assassins there is. She can hack into anything, win just about any fight and get away with almost anything; well that is until she is finally caught by her enemy SHEILD. SHEILD has been hunting her for 3 years and now they have her. When she meets the legendary Captain America she begins to realize that maybe getting caught isn't so bad. But when an old ex friend of hers(who just happens to be one of SHEILD's greatest threats) comes back, things get quite complicated....

DairyMilko DairyMilko Mar 14
You cannot make somone up in your mind because everyone that has ever appeared in your mind you have seen them in real life.
I keep forgetting that the same actor who plays johnny storm also plays Steve Rodgers! 😂😂
Once_Upon_an_Avenger Once_Upon_an_Avenger Mar 14, 2015
Wow! This pretty interesting! Its amazing how you made the beginning,it hooked me into reading the story! I like it!
marvelous_fan marvelous_fan Feb 27, 2015
That was greeat!! I loved how you've started it out! I like how she was impatiently waiting to be interrogated by shield and Steve walks in. Haha sounds about what he would say lol. Really great chapter!!! Loved it!
CaptainC_ CaptainC_ Feb 15, 2015
@TAngel96 THANK YOU! Ofcourse I know it needs some help but I think I can fix that...
TAngel96 TAngel96 Feb 15, 2015
I love where the story is going so far. :) Maybe if you could separate where the people are talking into different paragraphs it would flow better. Like
                              He said "..."
                              She said ".." 
                              Nd so on. Otherwise love the story line.