Warriors: Mysterious Ice ~A Warrior Cats Fan Fiction~

Warriors: Mysterious Ice ~A Warrior Cats Fan Fiction~

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kaylee By kayylee_h Updated Feb 03, 2015

*Note: The Clan's land is just like it is in the original Warrior Cat series. My Clans just have different names and different cats. Please remember to comment, vote, and follow!*


Icepaw and her siblings, Frostpaw and Brookpaw, were born in SnowClan, but their parents, Mintfur and Mistynose, have a secret no one knows about. There is another secret that only Icepaw, Frostpaw and Brookpaw know about; Icepaw can read minds, Frostpaw can change emotions, Brookpaw can see the future, and all of them know where each other is and what they're feeling. They also speak to StarClan in their dreams. Meanwhile, Icepaw's biggest rival, Sparrowflight, receives a prophecy from the SnowClan medicine cat, Mousedapple, that ice and fox will join together and destroy the flying sparrow. Only Mousedapple, Sparrowflight, and Birchstar, SnowClan's leader, know about the prophecy. What is the secret Icepaw's parents are keeping, what does Sparrowflight's prophecy mean, and will the siblings use their newly discovered powers for good, or evil?

  • cats
  • fantasy
  • ice
  • mystery
  • warrior

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