The Darkness of a Wolf

The Darkness of a Wolf

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Meet Aurora Lewis. She's the kind of girl that has that personality that everyone should like, yet no one likes her after the accident. She has always been an outsider. She only had one friend. She has a secret she will keep to the grave. She is in the White Moon pack: 3rd strongest pack of the country. 

Meet Justin Horster, alpha of the Gray Stone: 2nd strongest pack of the country. What if Justin and Aurora's father make a deal to stop the upcoming rouges and hunters with a peace offering. What if the peace offering is Aurora. She'll have to be 'mates' with Justin. But they aren't true soulmates. 

Rogues. That's what you've been told by your parents to make you behave, your nightmare. Now, a pack of rogues makes things a bit scarier. Now what if the pack had a king. Now that's getting more intense. Now what of the King of rogues is after you.  You might as well curse at the world for fucking you. 

Aurora is a target of the King of Rogues because of who she is. Her two packs are in danger. Who do they seek for aid? That's easy, the Dead Stars pack: the strongest pack of the country and second strongest pack in the world. The alpha of the Dead Stars pack is a ruthless leader who hurts anyone to get what he wants. His name is Thanatos. Alpha Thanatos. He is the nightmare you tell kids to behave. He is the scary story you tell around campfires. He is the darkness that haunts the nights. He is evil. He is Thanatos. 

Black wolves mean evil. They mean chaos. Every wolf fears the black wolves. Let's see how three packs against powerful rogues fight. 

This will either end in a bloodbath or peace. It all depends on Aurora.

  • confusion
  • love
  • mystery
  • secrecy
  • werewolf

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