Crimson Follows

Crimson Follows

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Queen_Light By Queen_Light Updated Mar 26, 2015

Valerie Crimson has always been a clumsy child. Never had any friends, and used to being ignored. A sarcastic little one. Even if all her life she was protected.  Mentally,  Emotionally,  but the most strangest of cases- Physically. 

Every time she tripped, or fell, or simply cut her knee, her parents rushed her into her room and stayed there for what seemed like hours. 
She wasn't even allowed to look at her own cuts, but it annoyed her as she grew older.

Her hair went from curly blonde to thick straight black. 
Her lips from pink, to an un-natural red.
 Her blue eyes a beautiful shade of green.

And she began to feel things. A new taste. It all suddenly happened when Nicholas- an awkward Fall Out Boy geek and his brothers decided to have a little fun with her. And by the time she escaped, something kept following her. Knowing what she had done. And whatever kept following her, bleed a shade of a magnificent hue of crimson.

  • falloutboy
  • fiction
  • mystery
  • passionate
  • romance
  • tragedy

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