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Manhattan (Lesbian Story)(GxG) (ON HOLD)

Manhattan (Lesbian Story)(GxG) (ON HOLD)

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#Jax/Tay!!! By notstr8 Updated Apr 20, 2015

Everything happened so quickly. One day, I was eating pizza with my best friends, the next, there's a sudden epidemic. Every channel on the television, every station on the radio was talking about how dead bodies in morgues and hospitals were coming back to life. Scholars were trying to explain what was happening, but everyone knew they didn't know. The government sent out military forces, but they quickly died by the feasters. One bite was almost like instant death. Once you were bitten, you closed your eyes, died, but then came back to life. You were just like them until someone put you out of your misery by brain damage. The funny thing about it all was that all of this was happening in only one state, New York. The rest of the United States, and the rest of the world was fine. No one understood what was happening at the time. Now, it's been five years. There's no power. Everyone dear to me was either permanently dead, or a feaster. I was all alone, with nothing to my name but a couple bottles of water, and a bloody hammer.

888symmetry888 888symmetry888 Jun 09, 2015
i would meet her in real life if this happened TASTE THE RAINBOW
Lightworker4 Lightworker4 Apr 24, 2015
Ever play the game Dying Light?! It's amazing and similar to your zombie situation. With looting of bodies, traders, and safe zones. It's parkour meets zombies. Love ur story though
natalianix natalianix Apr 23, 2015
This is really good, you have the right atmosphere. I can almost imagine that adrenaline, especially the end. The idea of something lurking is pretty frightening.
wasupari wasupari Feb 12, 2015
Your books are all amazing, well-written books  I love this book, can't wait until you upload
SuicidalGoddess SuicidalGoddess Feb 11, 2015
This book is amazing and just like all of your books .Your books have so much detail and action in them that I just can't stop reading them .
Chienk21 Chienk21 Feb 10, 2015
I will definitely watched this new story of yours :), 
                              New genre!!Super cool :)