Captain's Boy

Captain's Boy

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Jess By RebelClown Updated Mar 03, 2016

Captain Jake Blakeslee. One of the most feared pirates of
the sea. He's bloodthirsty and will do just about anything to get what he wants
in life.

With an attack on a ship that just happens to cross their
path at the wrong time Captain Blakeslee's life is thrown upside down with what
or should I say who he finds below deck of the other ship. 

Minx has been a slave his whole life being passed around
like he was just some object. His most recent master decided to keep him
though, well to share with his whole crew anyway. With his feminine looks he
could pass for a woman, I guess that's what drew the captain in.

As the tall, dark figure crept below deck all Minx could do was
watch through wide eyes as he slit his current master's throat from behind and
then their eyes connected and he knew he was in for a long ride. 

So what will the most feared captain of the seas chose to do
with the feminine boy.

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Not very feminine looking thou.. he just has long hair..  I think I’ll imagine my own guy for this one thank you.
CCyoungblood247 CCyoungblood247 Nov 29, 2017
He looks like an older version of the kid who played Micheal Myers from Halloween. But damn he so much good looking💗😭😍
ScorpioQueen17 ScorpioQueen17 May 22, 2016
Sounds so amazing! Love pirates and historical fiction but can't find enough of it :3