Our Love

Our Love

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Nicole Ann Smith, the fun girl ran away from home because she can't stand her drunk parents. She met with this one guy that changed her life..forever. 

Benz Ace Wilson, the billionaire. He's on a mission of finding a bride because of his mother. He found one, that changed him entirely. 

They started to fall in love. Apparently, they forget the first reason they want to get married and live as a happy husband and wife. 

Many people is on mission to break them off. But are their love is amazing and great? Will they stick to each other?


"You lock me up. You stole my heart and I don't want you to give it back. Keep it with you. No, you didn't just stole my heart,  you stole everything, name it. You own it." - Benz Ace

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1st_ravenone 1st_ravenone Jul 22, 2017
I have noticed a lot of things that not correct...but I don't care!  I figure it out and keep reading. Keep it up n if the ones with problems can do better let them!   Love your stories.
AnNeSinfuego AnNeSinfuego Aug 06, 2017
i just read you story (knight for Violet) and i really love it. xoxo and next i will be reading this story. I am your fan now 😊 you did a good work 👍
Chrisrizz26 Chrisrizz26 2 days ago
I have read most of your stories and they are really good you know. And to the people who keep bothering you tell them to back off. You're doing the best way  which will always be your way. Do not lose confidence.
SJulietteK97 SJulietteK97 Aug 01, 2016
I've created a blog( it's a work in progress). You should check it out: letterstojuliette5683.wordpress.com
saralovestosing saralovestosing Jun 30, 2016
Hey! If u need an editor I'd be super happy to do so! I think your story is great but I can understand where you may be struggling however it is amazing. Let me know! :)
JhayneMilesSosa JhayneMilesSosa Oct 31, 2016
I don't care about the grammar errors,or some are misspelled... All i care is i like the story and m always waiting for your updates...i love to read but got no skills on writing...m cheering for you...just ignores those bad critics...