Game of Attractions // Klaus and Elijah

Game of Attractions // Klaus and Elijah

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Bekah_XOX_ By Bekah_XOX_ Updated Jul 17

(The Originals/The Vampire Diaries)

"As long as you have a Mikaelson on each arm... You're doomed."

Aurora has a normal life well kind of if you don't count the fact that her family is witches. 

Everything changes when she attends her coven's ritual...

She finds out she isn't as normal as she thought. She's a witch... But not just any witch. She's a SEASONAL WITCH.

They can resist compulsion, cast magic ten times stronger than any witch.They can take pain away... But their most feared and loved ability isn't actually an ability, it's their blood... 
Their blood can with the right herbs can cure vampirism... Her whole world starts to fall apart. And just to make things worse the MIKAELSONS come to town...


Dude I'd rather be a witch than be out of Nutella, it's the worst thing EVER
Shane Dawson would disagree with you. 
                              UNLIKE MEEEEEEEEEEE 😁😁
                              (I'm sorry I had sugar)
You say your not a big fan of blood
                              Well I'm not a big fan of very sharp objects that could potentially cut me
                              But da bloods ok👌👌
scarletoh scarletoh Dec 07, 2016
Lol my boyfriend's last name is Couch and everyone spells it Coach. 😂
sendhelpimstuck sendhelpimstuck Dec 30, 2016
i always like stories that make me wait for the interesting parts :")
NatalieNataschaNolde NatalieNataschaNolde Oct 05, 2016
I don't now I love both Mikaelson brothers so so much please make a love triangle between Hot Klaus and Sweet Elijah. It were so awesome thanks !!! 😘
                              Ps: I love your story. ❤