Pearl’s a recluse - she hasn’t left the house in twenty years (no one knows why), and her cousin Eve has avoided her for years. But now Pearl’s mother dies, Eve makes a condolence visit, and Pearl spills out her secret: A wildly passionate relationship she had with a mysterious man one freezing winter’s day. The romance of a lifetime...
one of the best story I have ever read!! great!!emotional:'):)
By the way.   This book so far isn't like any other book I've read so far.  This book is deep.   :)
=D   I remember this song.   I had 2 little bears that would kiss and when their faces touched it would play this song
I would just like to know what happened to Ricky. This is one of the best books I've read. Deep and light. I don't know! So many emotions in one night.
definitely russian in every way. Amazing. Just wow. Im having goosebumps. Its been a while since ive read stories like this