7 minutes in heaven (Dragon Slayers)

7 minutes in heaven (Dragon Slayers)

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PoisonDragonQueen By BrittyPS_333 Completed

Reader x FairyTail dragon slayer.
There will be a cute/mooshie part 1, which will be the actual 7 minutes in the closet with your choice of dragon slayer. And part 2 will be a what happens after your turn in the closet with your fav. DS is over but you both decide to take it past the closet ;) (Warning part 2 will contain lemon!! Meaning sex if you don't like just read part 1 ^_^)

(Y/N)- your name
(H/C)- hair color
(E/C)- eye color
(S/T)- skin tone
(F/C)- favorite color

I hope you enjoy your 7 minutes in heaven ^_^

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I have guy friends that I find attractive and eye candy but there’s no way in hell I’d date em 😆
That's a dragon slayer orgy begging to happen one wrong move and all of them are in heat😥 good luck
*grabs levys favorite book throws it at gajeel* 
                              Gale is the most OFFICIAL and worth seeing SHIP in fairy tail
Irichiam Irichiam Mar 03
*singa* At this point it was you or me, and mama didnt raise no slave~
                              Its a real song okay!!
Nope, we're watching the Princess Bride, I don't care what anyone says!
Half of me: Gajeel loaf me pls 
                              Other half: WHERE DAH HOLY WATAH AND BLEACHHHHH??