7 minutes in heaven (Dragon Slayers)

7 minutes in heaven (Dragon Slayers)

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PoisonDragonQueen By BrittyPS_333 Completed

Reader x FairyTail dragon slayer.
There will be a cute/mooshie part 1, which will be the actual 7 minutes in the closet with your choice of dragon slayer. And part 2 will be a what happens after your turn in the closet with your fav. DS is over but you both decide to take it past the closet ;) (Warning part 2 will contain lemon!! Meaning sex if you don't like just read part 1 ^_^)

(Y/N)- your name
(H/C)- hair color
(E/C)- eye color
(S/T)- skin tone
(F/C)- favorite color

I hope you enjoy your 7 minutes in heaven ^_^

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That's a dragon slayer orgy begging to happen one wrong move and all of them are in heat😥 good luck
So I guess I am the only one who would be like 
                              W-WHAT you guys walked around like that?
                              But otherwise  
*grabs levys favorite book throws it at gajeel* 
                              Gale is the most OFFICIAL and worth seeing SHIP in fairy tail
Yes it does, like seriously why the heLL  DO GUYS HAVE NIPPLES?!
                              other than that it's cool.
Chiquis215 Chiquis215 6 days ago
Awww too bad Natsu maybe next time 🤣Jp jp come here my little flame brain 🤣
AllyWizz AllyWizz Apr 13
Me: *scans every single one of them*
                              *eventually lands on rogue*
                              *hyperventilates then dies*