With All My Spark → Transformers

With All My Spark → Transformers

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*This is the third installment to the 'Uncover' series. Please do NOT read this until you have read the first two. Thank you.*

Nothing about Lea's life had ever been completely normal, especially since she's been with Ironhide.

Just a year and half was all that Azalea needed for her life to flow back into its regular routine. She finally graduated from college, got a nice job and even found her own place, but it doesn't take long for her perfect world to come crumbling down though. 

Azalea is once again pulled back into the destructive path of the wicked Decepticons, who now pose an even greater threat to her life than ever before.

The Decepticons will do anything to ensure they get what they want and that means destroying every important aspect of Azalea's life, which includes taking her away from the ones she loves the most. 

Will she fight, or will she finally decide to give up on everything completely?

*Ironhide Bayverse Fanfiction*

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Transformers or anything affiliated with Transformers. I only own my original characters and plots. All rights go to Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and Hasbro.

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slay-v slay-v Jun 28, 2017
slay-v slay-v Jun 28, 2017
Dayum i would buy a bookstore and theater if i ever had money that much
telivisedat0m27 telivisedat0m27 Jan 11, 2017
Oh my god...i hope i get a kid like this in the future!!!!!!
telivisedat0m27 telivisedat0m27 Jan 11, 2017
Your boss has a very deadly secret, honey...i cant stand rich pricks!
Delta-8 Delta-8 Jan 15, 2017
It would be funny if she buyed the same black truck, and then sometime IH would end up bringing her to work