Secrets Will Kill You {Supernatural FanFic}

Secrets Will Kill You {Supernatural FanFic}

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There are plenty of hunters out there that have their own story to tell...plenty of people who have had their lives altered by the work that we do...but their stories are irrelevant to the events that are about to be unfolded. The story I'm about to tell you isn't about a damsel in distress and a handsome hero who fall in love after experiencing bit of trauma. There is nothing fairytale-like about this story at all. Complete opposite actually.

Every hunter has their own secrets...I certainly have my fair share...but how long can you keep a secret bottled up until it finally blows up in your face...and it kills you...

The name's Stern. Melissa Stern. All you need to know about me is that my father was a "hunter" who became a legend and it's my turn to follow in his footsteps. This is my story.

Re-live our favorite story from the very beginning...but from a different perspective and with a few different twists and turns

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😂😂this is amazing she’s roasting Dean so hard I’m living
Does anyone have a knife because someone needs to cut the sexual tension
Omg this is my jam and dear Chuck her and Dean are freaking perfect for each other
We like to pretend we don’t even know who that is...he’s Pluto in the Winchester solar system
SamWinchesterBitches SamWinchesterBitches Jun 05, 2017
Adam just pops up in a vision like hey im still in FREAKIN HELL THANKS GUYS
Season 1 omg they are having wonderful seasonal adventures!!!