✓DON'T LOOK BACK+Sequel {Percy Jackson AU}

✓DON'T LOOK BACK+Sequel {Percy Jackson AU}

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The AU Girl By crazedauthors1093 Completed

✓COMPLETED 01/08/17

Annabeth Chase has a problem.  All she has been doing her whole life is running, switching from school to school, and trying to find a safe place.  Her mom abandoned her when she was a kid and her dad couldn't care less about his only daughter.  But her family wasn't the problem.  The problem was a pair of piercing blue eyes that wouldn't rest until they got what they wanted.

Percy Jackson has a perfect life. He's a fantastic swimmer, gets decent grades, and had a wonderful family.  He thought nothing could go wrong.  Until he met the broken, gray eyed girl Annabeth Chase.

It all started when Annabeth met Percy's best friend, Jason Grace.  Percy began to feel jealous of Jason and Annabeth, and started to loathe her.  Annabeth returned the feelings.  The two were sworn enemies.

Until the boy with the blue eyes came back.    The boy who had been hunting Annabeth for years, has found her again.

And the only thing she can do now is run.


First chapters are sort of cringey sorry.

Also this is NOT a Jasabeth story.   Don't worry, everything will make sense!

Incredibly long and creepy, so grab a bowl of popcorn, hide under the covers, and get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions.

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c24747 c24747 Apr 21
Then we have like 310 freshmen this year
                              And more than 300 freshmen coming next year
In my class we only have like 26 people in each class and we just join with a school that the most in a class was 5 and your school is small think again Bish
I like this a lot , I like how you didn’t start it off like most people . I already know I’m going to love this story . Your a good writer
jjorrell jjorrell May 06
ok from all the way from the end to here, it's a loop
                              @crazedauthors1093 you're amazing
PJO_paige23 PJO_paige23 Apr 22
No. Jason's eyes are bright blue, full of electricity. Luke's eyes are cold as ice, no emotion lies within them.
PJO_paige23 PJO_paige23 Apr 22