16 & Pregnant // taylor caniff

16 & Pregnant // taylor caniff

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She was a nobody..

He was somebody..

But then she's pregnant with his baby..

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Ok so everyone is saying deep things, so this is going to be a bit out of place, but it says “even the dumbest, un-popular, nerds” aren’t nerds the smartest un-popular people?
My parents wouldn't EVER say something like that about me. Lmao. One day my mother found out about my self harm that I've been hiding for 4 months and she was SO DAMN MAD AT ME. she still is this day and it's been nine months since it happend
Me: mom...can I please stay home today, just this once
                              My mother: HELL NO WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?
*has a calendar in her room & scratches off the days she didn’t go to school* girl get outta here witcho obsessed butt
^really just bc she didn't tell him u r gonna be glad she's getting bullied. I never told any teachers when I was getting bullied mostly bc they have all these young a*s teachers that don't do sh*t
Lmao throwing paper balls while in the 11th grade... how mature.