Reasons to Hate the Commute

Reasons to Hate the Commute

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mrrarcega By mrrarcega Updated May 04, 2018

- Ed.'s note: In 2024, during an aggressive PPP (public-private partnership) drive, the Philippine government partnered up with the massive but extremely secretive Sinauna Group of Companies to deliver a host of basic services to the Filipino people.

One of those services is transportation. As with all the other Sinauna Group offerings, the partnership vastly improved the quality of service of local providers - while sparking major changes, such as pedestrian wormholes, shapeshifting bus conductors, creepy ladies in black dresses handing out flyers for condos, among many other things.

Adapting to change came easily to the commuting population of Manila, but of course the occasional gripe was to be expected. Whereby a blogger named Stella Avluela, more widely known by the username stellamaris_, started a list of light-hearted reasons to hate the commute in Manila, and left avenues for people to contribute their own "complaints."

These are some of the more highly-rated contributions.

stellamaris_ also came out with a blog called Reasons to Love the Commute, excerpts of which will appear in a later compilation.

(Author's note: this is an in-progress compilation of flash pieces built around the above theme. All blame goes to longjohnlicaros for its creation.)

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