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Oh, What A Horrible Life It Is (Your Neko Love Story) [Neko x Reader(girl)]

Oh, What A Horrible Life It Is (Your Neko Love Story) [Neko x Reader(girl)]

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FireDragonFire By FireDragonFire Completed

This is a story of you being just a regular girl when suddenly something scary is announced on the news.
A 'creature' has been let out into the wonders of the world. Guess who's fault it was? The government. They kept a lot of secrets from the news, but this? Worst of all you live near the place it escaped. Flippen fabulous. This will obviously end just, plain, perfectly, amazingly, swell.

Same... I get pissed off when I get an A- ;-; Maybe this is why I have a 4.0, lol
fantasybookwriteremi fantasybookwriteremi Nov 12, 2016
When the m/c sleeps in class 
                              I mean I'm fine with it, but It's not as relatable  cause I don't 
                              Oh but it's an amazing book and I love it!!! ❤️
vniealheart88 vniealheart88 Apr 08, 2016
So basically he has 3 forms , that good because there's variety
Nanami_Nekotta Nanami_Nekotta Aug 17, 2016
Just a warning I really like this book so if you see parts of your story in one of mine please don't sue me... ;-;
wisteriamoon2447 wisteriamoon2447 Dec 12, 2016
I will read any below x reader but I think I'm really gonna like dis one (btw cookies for everyone 🍪)       :3
thedarkpanda243 thedarkpanda243 Oct 27, 2016
Watching box... it reminds me of when my twin sister called her mouth her "face hole" and her nostrils her "nose breathers"