My Friend (Harry Potter Love Story) ~Year 1-4~

My Friend (Harry Potter Love Story) ~Year 1-4~

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"Ro, i love you, that's because!" shouted Harry. i stop dead and i turn around "What?" i said, hoping he's not lying, "Rosemary Maggie Fisher! i'm in love with you even since i met you and clearly you just think of me as a big brother" said Harry. i walk up to him face-to-face "who said i didn't love you" i whisper i pull his tie an inch to my face "Because i love you a lot more then you think" i whisper and i crash my lips to the one boy who's changed my life and is my only love

Harry James Potter

"he's not just my friend, he's my first crush, first boy i've kissed, first love, and i'll always love him" ~ Rosemary Fisher
Rosemary Fisher is a normal 11-year-old girl, or so she thought, she got a letter for Hogwarts along with her all time best friend, Harry Potter, they'll share adventures, tears, and most important their love for each other but the have no clue how they feel about each other will Rosemary and Harry even get together? or will Harry break the girl who loves him more then anything?
Read to find out

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Me except that I'm not funny or smart or friendly and my eyes/hair is hazel
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In one fanfic it said My Cho was the highest level of friendship in the muggle world