Bad Religion To Fall In Love

Bad Religion To Fall In Love

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Nineteen year old Yoshi Brooks is in her junior year of college. She's not exactly what you call happy or nice. She has tattoos, piercings, a bad temper, but all in all, she's just that same depressed fourteen year old looking for love.

Twenty year old Justin Bieber is in his junior year of college. He's easily liked, extremely good looking, although sometimes his tattoos give off the wrong vibe. 

Justin wants to be friends with Yoshi but she doesn't care for friendships. Will she start to give him trust or shut him out like everyone else?

tha_bvstard tha_bvstard Oct 24
What am saying. Like it'll be a Monday and they will be smiling and so attentive like bittcchhh if you don't ca your happy go lucky ass down.😒😐
I've been waiting to say this😂😂😂😂
why don't u just listen to your music or something if whistling irritates you so much
TheInfinite TheInfinite May 19
He didn't have any books.. he only wrote plays which were performed
HighKeyJB HighKeyJB Oct 20
First she said her ex room was too white and now this lol she gotta chill
yxngmvmii yxngmvmii Oct 25
Low-key is racist still 😂 using stereotypes and shid. I'm black and I spend everyday in Starbucks 😂😂😩