Black butler lemons

Black butler lemons

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●♡Rockelle Simmonds♡● By Lil_Neko_Cutie Completed

So I have been debating on wether to do this or not...but I have decided to do it. So enjoy these, and I will try my best to update as much as possible.

Your character: Victoria Smith, age 19
Black/ a touch of red in her hair that goes to her shoulders, black and white Victorian dress, black Victorian boots, peach skin, blue eyes

Sorry I have to add a main character for these.

- - Feb 12, 2016
UGHHHH YYYY I like 12 yr old Ciel better. *cries in corner holding shirt with child Ciel on it*
AloisT_rancy AloisT_rancy Dec 10, 2016
According to my friends im Alois so reading this was kinda uncomfortable but wtf
Angel_Eucliffe Angel_Eucliffe Feb 28, 2016
Just straight up like not even working up to it
                              How does mating feel
LilyNekoMichaelis LilyNekoMichaelis Jun 28, 2016
I have never had a nosebleed 
                              So exactly do people get the nosebleeds?
R0yalRav3nFr0st R0yalRav3nFr0st May 29, 2016
Ceil looks so hawt as an adult. He might even rival Sebastian's looks
Rain_Beau Rain_Beau Dec 09, 2015
Why the fluff u lyin? Why u always lyin? Mmomygosh stop frickin lyin!!!