Adopted By Justin Bieber

Adopted By Justin Bieber

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JustCallMeBri By httpkayden Updated Jan 27, 2016

*A/n this is not the first chapter. This is Sadie's intro so you'll know her character background*

My name is Sadie Evans. I'm a pretty average 14 year old girl. I really love dancing. I've been dancing since i was 3. My mom was a dancer. I dont remember much but i know she loved to dance. In the kitchen, the living room, anywhere. She had a dance studio where shed teach kids and even adults. I really looked up to her.

My dad...he left my mom as soon as she told him she was going to have me. He wanted an abortion. She wanted to keep me. I only knew my mom for 5 years but she was amazing. I wish i could go back to the day of the car accident and...and change everything. Bring back the woman i wanted to grow up and become. My mother. 

When she died, i didnt know how to comprehend it. I didnt know what was wrong with her or why the doctors couldnt save her, i just knew she wasn't coming back anytime soon. The police went through my family records trying to find the next blood line that...

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Wait isn’t that Jordyn Jones? She’s pretty...just sayin’
KnNi934 KnNi934 Jan 22, 2016
Ayyyeeeee don't be mad Atlanta is my home town certain parts are bad but is a really cool place to go
jihoonsbaby jihoonsbaby Jan 01, 2016
Amazing first chapter I know I have read this ages ago from when you posted it #latereader
stylesdevotee stylesdevotee Sep 04, 2015
JORDYN JONES! She's such an amazing dancer, I loved her on AUDC
Beautifulgirl107 Beautifulgirl107 Jul 15, 2015
Please hurry and update this story its amazing and heart warming and inspiring please hurry and update