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Heartscauseproblems By Heartscauseproblems Updated Jul 12, 2016

Rebecca is a teenage maid, punching bag, and step sister. She cleans takes the fall for her friends, and try's to live up to her mothers expectations. 
The only problem is her mother died 13 years ago and her father died 7 years ago. 2 step sisters who are unemployed and aren't in collage. Her step mother loathing in Rebecca's fathers Wealth. 

But when the senior Prom rolls around and the theme is fairy tail and the quarter back falls for her. Will she fall for him, or run away in tears.

{WARNING: theirs is self harm, beatings, and very emotional moments in this book. You have been warned}

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HelloJustCallMeH HelloJustCallMeH Apr 24, 2016
That was so amazingly good that I'm left speechless… just wow😱😱👍🏽
1bluewolf1 1bluewolf1 Oct 01, 2016
Also, not be be rude or anything, but the abuse scene is literally two sentences.
miss-chatter-box miss-chatter-box Jun 04, 2016
If she brings so many guys home then shouldn't she be slut 1
Midnight_Ketchup Midnight_Ketchup Apr 22, 2016
I'm on the hunt for some new good books and this sounds promising :)
ddkdkiekoekoeko ddkdkiekoekoeko Jun 02, 2016
I'd probably run away, and how is she not dead from blood loss and stuff like that? Anyway I really like how you chose their personalities and how it fits in with Cinderella
tigmonster321 tigmonster321 Feb 01, 2015
I really like this book but I would suggest no cussing, it doesnt seem very fantasy like with cussing