Infatuation of a Merman

Infatuation of a Merman

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Scarlel By Scarlel Updated Aug 24, 2019

They lure you into the waters, twisting their haunted melody. You don't feel a thing as you drown into the sea, unaware of your new deathbed. Only once they sink their teeth into your soft skin will you feel the agony and realize your mistake.

They are mermaids, the ones who leave nothing but bones in their wake.

They're the reason everyone abides by the unwritten rule: Never go near the ocean.

Everyone except Nyx, a human with the ability to talk to fish, who ignores all these warnings. But her peace is shattered when she encounters a merman, the flesh eating fish of the sea.

Soon she's about to realize that there are no such thing as allies; only enemies. And this flesh eater will do anything to ensure that he stays the only threat to her heart.