Fighting The Friendzone {Ereri/Riren fanfiction} (discontinued)

Fighting The Friendzone {Ereri/Riren fanfiction} (discontinued)

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One Weird Bastard By sup_pepsis Updated May 22

Levi has been Eren's best friend for as long as he can remember. They do practically everything together. It's only one problem... Levi has a huge crush on Eren and when he confesses Eren rejects him. 
Their friendship gets pretty awkward afterwards but six months later they're back to normal.
Normal being that they're best friends again and Levi is still crushing on Eren.

Summer break starts and everything is going just as planned but when Mikasa gets a letter from a high school in New York, things starts to change.
Levi is fighting the friendzone he's been put in, Eren is trying to sort out his sexuality as Levi's cousins causes trouble for everyone.

//warning for Yaoi, fluff, bad jokes, strong language and maybe something else in the future. If you know what I mean*nudge nudge*//

Fdaniella Fdaniella Apr 18
Ugyan az itt is😂👋 same here. I'm better in english on the internet than english class.😛
supposedly english is my language but the google translation  i use for this BTW this is google translation I speak French
KawaiiCorps KawaiiCorps Nov 09
You speak english better then me and that is my main language
Is this the story that was on Aot and got removed I was reading it and it was the same title and I loved it and I so wanted an update and I would like to know if this is it so I can continue to support the story and the author
I had a crush on my best friend but I never confessed I just drop hints to it every now and then but she didn't notice so I forgot about it and moved on but I guess that wouldn't be that satisfying of a story would it?
Omg!! This is a story I absolutely love! I already read it on archive of our own