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Once | ✓

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Bond & Baymax By bamboozling Completed

Fiction - the mistake movies, the fake friends, the horrible heroes and the loser loves are all inevitable. They happen every hour, minute, second of the day because fiction is everywhere. 

Reality - that one movie that tugs on your heartstrings and makes even the manliest of men cry, that one friend who knows you inside out and never fails to make you smile even in the darkest of days, that one superhero who can't throw a punch for their life but somehow manages to always save the day with their horrible wit, and that one unrequited love that sucks the air right out of your lungs and makes you toss and turn at night.

Fiction happens all the time.
Reality happens just once.

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AshtonVagabond AshtonVagabond Apr 11, 2015
||I'm scared of making any mistakes, and I'm scared of dying|| .n.
- - Feb 02, 2015
@HiMyNameIsNotSteve hahaaha it's ok dw!! :) i was just curious
- - Feb 02, 2015
you just turned "yolo" back into "carpe diem" and i am so happy you did so [NO OFFENSE TO YOLO USERS OK I JUST PREFER CARPE DIEM lol]
- - Feb 01, 2015
the font of the cover on the right is literally the same one of once upon a time. what is the font please. please?
alexipharmakon alexipharmakon Feb 01, 2015
I'm looking forward to reading these. They sound really good.
--tempestuous --tempestuous Feb 01, 2015
<33333 (making yolo seem poetic, i dig. lol.) (it's funny, because if you're baymax, you know that i've written the boy who cried yolo XD)