The Popular kids ( Bts fan fic)(disbanded)

The Popular kids ( Bts fan fic)(disbanded)

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hope-min-arific By hope-min-arific Updated 6 days ago

" You want to die, don't you?" I was on the verge of tears. I try blinking my tears away so he doesn't notice.

" Well... Yes b--" I was cut off by him.

" Then do it." The tears began to fall.

" You never cared, did you." He scoffed.

" I cared at first, but thats until i stopped caring." He looks at me and walks away.

I feel down crying.

" I-I.... Love you" Was what i said before bursting into tears.

rude_kpop rude_kpop Aug 11
Can I just say that the first three lines are my life in a nut shell
I'm not trying to be rude but can you please capitalize you I because that is kinda cringe for me
bocascurls bocascurls Nov 23
okay this is probably jimin bc jimin has one dimple on his right cheek, i hope you arent talking about namjoon cause he has 2 dimples
Wardahb Wardahb Aug 03
Omg Onew my first ever bias oh I always wanted him as my older brother
Its wrong her siblings have different surnames one has Lee and the other is Wang
Syubson Syubson Nov 06
Ring ding dong ring ding dong~~~~ i actually failed my quiz bc thats my phone ringtone and couldnt focus xD