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The Popular kids ( Bts fan fic)

The Popular kids ( Bts fan fic)

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hope-min-arific By hope-min-arific Updated 5 days ago

" You want to die, don't you?" I was on the verge of tears. I try blinking my tears away so he doesn't notice.

" Well... Yes b--" I was cut off by him.

" Then do it." The tears began to fall.

" You never cared, did you." He scoffed.

" I cared at first, but thats until i stopped caring." He looks at me and walks away.

I feel down crying.

" I-I.... Love you" Was what i said before bursting into tears.

Hoseok cause it says hope here. Idk logic anymore  idk myself anymore idk what and why I'm doing whatever I do.
All siblings are kpop star while she's not....I feel bad for her.
baengtantv- baengtantv- Apr 02
Ring ding dong ring ding dong~!!!
                              SHINee's Back!!!
                              Buuy sooooommmee CEREALS!!
rude_kpop rude_kpop Aug 11, 2016
Can I just say that the first three lines are my life in a nut shell
bocascurls bocascurls Nov 23, 2016
okay this is probably jimin bc jimin has one dimple on his right cheek, i hope you arent talking about namjoon cause he has 2 dimples
Wardahb Wardahb Aug 03, 2016
Omg Onew my first ever bias oh I always wanted him as my older brother