The Popular kids ( Bts fan fic)

The Popular kids ( Bts fan fic)

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hope-min-arific By hope-min-arific Updated Dec 29, 2017

" You want to die, don't you?" I was on the verge of tears. I try blinking my tears away so he doesn't notice.

" Well... Yes b--" I was cut off by him.

" Then do it." The tears began to fall.

" You never cared, did you." He scoffed.

" I cared at first, but thats until i stopped caring." He looks at me and walks away.

I feel down crying.

" I-I.... Love you" Was what i said before bursting into tears.

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-littlekookiepanda -littlekookiepanda Jul 21, 2017
Can there be the possibility that she is the twin sister of Kyungsoo
61313_p 61313_p Aug 14, 2017
why is this me telling my story,exept for the siblings being idols but they never home sooo ...forever loner
_alpacallama _alpacallama Dec 29, 2017
Why does this feel so similar 10% luck 20% of will 15%skill and 5% power of will
MinRoxas MinRoxas Jul 26, 2017
My teacher said that to a class of 16 so we had a even split 
                              too bad that I had 5 boys and 2 other girls in my house and we played 2truths 1lie and did no work
Innocent-Potato Innocent-Potato 6 days ago
Every single day an every single seconds/minutes and hours i feel like that.
AzkaTsauro AzkaTsauro Jul 09, 2017
I wanna to ask, main cast of this ff is park shinhye or not? Why you're not use the real name of park shinhye?? Is park shinhye as kyungie?? I'm interested with this fanfict.