Halo: Bone Marrow

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Matty By Night_Falcon Updated 4 years ago
The four Spartans of Echo Team are sent on a low priority defence mission to the Sinoviet ship breaking facility on Reach. Tensions are high due to the low class of the assignment but Easy Tem don't know the covenants plan for the valley.
    Based on the Video Games in the Halo series.
Though I realize you proubly won't be continuing anytime soon great job on the story really enjoyed it
Good job for a halo Fan Fic, Never Forget "Spartans Never Die"
Spartans, the only soldiers in the UNSC that could pull off the line wolf act. Other than ODSTs of course :P love the story by the way
In response to my other comment,  Mail my account. That's what I meant.
I really like it! It's the best Halo story (not in real book form) I have ever read!  It's really given me some inspiration for mine: HALO: The Marines, so em@il me if you have any other ideas for how it should go!
Its a really good story. I really like it. Please keep writing. You are fantastic at delivering the story.