Win - H2OVanoss

Win - H2OVanoss

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Melissa By BunnehJuice Completed

[One day I will rewrite the first 11 chapters because they are complete crap]
[Cover Artwork: Snoeflake on DevianArt]
[Theme Song: Christina Perri - Burning Gold]

When the guys get tired of playing the same game, they suggest something new.  But what happens when one of them suggests Slender?  What will happen when they get sucked into the game? They must collect 8 pages to escape, But what are the consequences for each page?  Will Evan and Jonathan make it out alive, or will one of them meet a terrible end?  Or will one wake up? 

All Jonathan wants to do is win the game, but all Evan wants to do is win Jonathan's heart.

Win-Rain Win-Rain Apr 25
BOARD THE SHIPS! BOARD THE SHIPS!!!!!!!! *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
Me: *has tophat on then pulls goggles on* I'm ready for some alchemy.
                              Voice: We aren't doing alchemy.
                              Me: THEN WHY AM I H- oh yeah. *runs* LJ SENPAI TAKE ME NOW!
I swear if you kill off Marcel like in the other fūcking book I...I...I WILL CRY AGAIN!
Win-Rain Win-Rain Apr 25
WHY!? WHY DOES EVERYONE ALWAYS DIE!?!?!?!!?!? *hits table* WHHHHHHHYYY!?!?!?!!
Me: *somehow gets into the call and is wearing a top hat* I heard Slender. 
                              Ev: How'd you get in this?
                              Ty: *narrows eyes* What's with the top hat?
                              Me: I have the top hat cause I look like a boss! Also I'm in this cause. *throws sparkles at the camera* MAGIC!
Me: *somehow awake* SLENDYMAN TAKE ME NOW DADDY! 
                              Slendy: 0-0 chu just call me daddy?
                              Me: Yes I did FATHER! *dun dunn dunnnnn*
                              Slendy: *backs away*
                              Me: NO DAD WAIT!