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In Arms Reach ~ Slender x Reader

In Arms Reach ~ Slender x Reader

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XKittyCrunchx By xKittyCrunchx Updated Feb 23


I feel the pressure  upon my back as i'm forced upon the tree, my heart racing as i confront my opponent... no... it cant be...

"Miss me?" He hisses with an eerie voice, sending my hair to stand on end and a chill rundown my spine "I'm not finished with you...besides, we aren't even... are we?" His grip upon my neck tightens causing my airways to get cut off from the rest of my body...
"F-For what?!" I gasp with the remaining air filled in my lungs

The dark aroma surrounding him only grows along with the pain upon me and panic rises within me as he pulls my hands away from my neck, the only thing separating me from life and death. I barely make out his figure loom close to my face as my my vision becomes blurred...

"You broke my heart..." he hisses and looks away from me slowly before returning his gaze "...So i shall brake yours" he gives a small laugh and raises an arm before me "AND YOU SHALL FEEL MY PAIN!" he finishes and lunges the arm towards me, my eyes filled with despair and fear...

DarkAngelSpawner DarkAngelSpawner Aug 14, 2016
This is meh life, I live in this shoebox ;-;... And here at the backyard we have my sandbox/restroom.
                              My only family is:
DarkAngelSpawner DarkAngelSpawner Aug 14, 2016
Yes, Myself dissapeard that day,
                              I'm still for da look out
ScaredSilver422 ScaredSilver422 Aug 10, 2016
Yup that's me when nobody gives a toss and your family works nights heh that's a GOOOD life
Althe32003 Althe32003 Feb 10
I love Friday the 13th. It's a lucky day, don't you think? (No, I am not being sarcastic, or trying to be weird on purpose. I mean it.)
I am 15 going onto 16
                              Anyone get it??
                              Just me?
KissingInTheRain021 KissingInTheRain021 Dec 02, 2016
I would say 'yup that day sucks' but I don't want anything to happen to me on Friday the 13th sooo.....