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Too Cool for a Name. By _fangirling Completed

"I never wanted this!" I scream, tears streaming down my eyes. He kisses my neck, muttering sweet things to me, but I ignore him. 

"I wanted to live a normal life. But no, guess what, I had to be the mate of the freaking vampire prince! Yay!" His body tenses behind me, and I realize what I said. I turn back to apologize, to tell him that's not what I meant, but he stops me. 

"If that's how you feel." He whispers, walking away before I can blink.

Sadistic: that's what everyone thinks of Ava. She enjoys watching people suffer. The way the squirm and beg for mercy, it probably turns her on. Though, what happens when she has to save lives, not take them away?

It's not saving lives like Superman does, it's way more intense. Did she see that coming? No. Does life care? Not at all. In fact, it's throwing her in front of a bus (literally).

One secret demands poor Ava to bend all of her morals, and change herself completely. 

Forever's going to take longer than expected.

Warning: Cursing is frequent.

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RawlfTheCat RawlfTheCat Apr 20, 2017
Suprise Motha Fucka
                              Sunrise Motha Fucka
                              Sun Pies Motha Fucka
                              Son Lies Motha Fucka
mayajmm2 mayajmm2 Oct 11, 2016
Sincerely,I don'like it. I LOVE it. Really Enticing♥♡♥
ChicagoStylePizza ChicagoStylePizza Feb 03, 2015
I just wanted to say that your prologue and summary are awesome. It grabbed my attention like crazy xD