Noxious [DenNor]

Noxious [DenNor]

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elisabet By http-faroe Updated May 29

"I'm trying to protect you from hurting yourself, you drunk idiot!" Lukas stormed forward. His patience had run out, and he'd had enough of this conversation. "I'm trying to protect you from falling in love!"

That should have been enough to start a full-blown fist fight, which Lukas was more than prepared for. He stomped to a sharp halt, his body only inches from Mathias's. 

The Danish man, however, must have gotten the answer he was looking for. A needle of shock pierced his chest when the wildfire in Mathias's expression diminished. He suddenly felt very large in comparison to his downtrodden companion, whose posture and fiery disposition died out like the Roman Empire.

Mathias side-stepped out from between the car and the Norwegian who cornered him.

Cautiously, Lukas watched as he rounded the car and stopped only when he stood outside of the passenger door. He laid his palms flat across the top of the vehicle and sighed. 

"Alright, Nor. Just take me home."

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I mean I don't think his voice is that bad. It's loud but still alright
- - Apr 26
Admin not to offend u but a stern voice is deep, harsh and severe like Sweden's
skyewolf111 skyewolf111 17 hours ago
Noorr-Wayyy,(Noorr-Wayyy), Noorr-Wayyy, (Noorr-Wayyy ),Norway the wife of Denmark ~
I literally just watched snow white, for the millionth time but still, DIS IS FOOKING MAGIC.
Spino-Dino Spino-Dino Jun 06
you spelled it wrong I think you meant the No-dick nations
                              (I have a group chat on my skype with my friends called the Nodick 5 it's great)
I am guilty of thinking that she meant his cock. Dirty mind hhhhhhhhhh