His at Night (His #1)

His at Night (His #1)

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Patricia K. By bourbonvanilla Completed

*WARNING!  This story contains mature content.*
When her boyfriend cheats on her, Rory Warren moves to a new flat. She gets a flatmate who becomes a very good friend of her. But that flatmate has a very sexy, very charming and very wealthy brother who turns Rory's world upside down.
Rory is a weak woman. Braden Campbell makes her even weaker. He's a controlling businessman and a perfect definition of a womanizer. He doesn't do relationships. 

His past has taught him to be tough, unforgiving and cold. He doesn't have a word 'commitment' in his dictionary. He works hard. He fucks even harder.
Rory and Braden make a pact, an arrangement. They want to stick to it, follow their rules. But one can only bear so much before bursting. 

 It's a game of two and the rule is simple: if one of them falls in love, it's game over. 
This is not a story about a perfect relationship. It's a story where a man wants it all and a woman who gives it all to him.
Game on, people! Or is it really just a game?
Only time will tell.

Whats even worse is the girl probably knew he had a girlfriend. That's so weird
Yep something about a deep,smooth, sexy voice have us all ready to throw our panties put the window
So rude and disrespectful that's okay cuz karma gonna get his ass good
ly_bay_bee ly_bay_bee Nov 03
I JUST finished reading a book and the main characters love interest name was Braden
*drops towel opens legs*
                              names Rory but people call me pussy 😉
JCherryLove JCherryLove Jul 27
Wait, I read a similar story🤔 but the main girls name was Jo or joss or something with a J. She didn't have a boyfriend tho😂 it was a good aśs book