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Lucy's Strength *book 2* (Complete)

Lucy's Strength *book 2* (Complete)

63.4K Reads 2.6K Votes 22 Part Story
Wendy-chan By Lost_Alice Completed

Natsu, Erza, Happy, Gray, Carla, and Wendy go on a mission to stop a ritual from reviving a powerful person. But they don't know who. But they're surprised once they figure out who is revived. Lucy is revived, but from three years in the white crystal she's been captive in. She loses her memory when she is revived. She leaves for a few years, and suddenly returns as an enemy to all guilds. Will Fairy Tail return her memories? Will Lucy come back to her old self? Or will she be lost forever?
Find out in this story...

PikaSwag101 PikaSwag101 Apr 14, 2016
I'm so stupid I thought it was Mavis for a second but of course it's Lushee xD
Ren12319 Ren12319 Jun 29, 2016
How did he not even notice that in the last book. Tsk tsk Natsu.
LynnWoodsFics LynnWoodsFics Apr 13, 2016
Well no der Natsu. No it's not him it is his half monkey uncle. Yes Natsu it is Igneel.
KitKatTicTac104 KitKatTicTac104 Sep 14, 2016
😭😭😭 That reminds me when Lucy got cold when going to Fairy Tail.
                              😆 Then how Natsu hit Taurus, thinking that the Zodiac Sign was that monster thing.
BonBonShinsetsu BonBonShinsetsu Dec 22, 2016
Oh my! I never knew until you said it! *Sarcasm**Goes back to non-sarcasm mode* Obvious.
Ren12319 Ren12319 Jun 29, 2016
"Whatever it is, it's shady," Lauren replies, shivers down her spine.