Stay Away From Me

Stay Away From Me

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Tina Daneshfar By TinaX2 Completed

Death splits into two groups; a woman who smokes, and a man who cries. This was a sentence that Andrea Brooke always believed in. She also believed that in everyone's life there is always one single moment that can turn their world upside down. 

For Rea, that moment happened as she was sitting in her college's Coffee Shop that her eyes landed on a boy, who oddly, had ordered two cups of coffee, although no one ever showed up to sit before him. 

While staring at that black haired boy, Rea had no idea that way worse mysteries were buried deep within him; secrets that could kill... 

But more of that, it became Rea's habit to watch that boy from a corner every day as he ordered two cups of coffee, drank one, while leaving the other untouched.

{Book 1 of the 'Stay' series}

  • coffees
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  • freeyourbody
  • hate
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  • revenge
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My sister, except she’s never an angel if she doesn’t feel like it and my parents just PRETEND she is 24/7
SkyKnight7 SkyKnight7 Sep 20, 2017
God, Heaven, and Hell are supposed to capitalized, God, is a person and Heaven and Hell are places.
twinnieandbambi twinnieandbambi Jul 04, 2017
Definition of my younger brother.  All the way to school he annoys the living day lights out of you then , bam put mum or dad in to the situation and you get your self what some would call an angle in disguise.
apandemonium apandemonium Mar 17, 2017
This kind of relates to one of my stories! (This doesn't mean to be a self promotion)
sugercube1068 sugercube1068 Jan 26, 2017
I love this boook! She kinda seems like a stalker though right?
depressedlillies depressedlillies Nov 26, 2016
May I take up your offer on correcting your mistakes? If so, break*.
                              I'm sorry if this was rude! I'm a grammar nazi, but it doesn't bother me as much as spelling did before. 
                              Again sorry if I was rude... 😁😖