Prince Royce Imagines

Prince Royce Imagines

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inadreamland By inadreamland Updated Nov 06, 2017

Royce's pov

I was in the studio with Sergio working on some new tracks, and I've gotta say it's coming out a lot better than I expected. 

"This new album is gonna be sick!"

I laughed "I know man. I just hope my fans will enjoy it as much as I did writing it."

"They'll love it bro. Now how 'bout you go home and get some rest. You've worked yourself a hell of a lot today."

"Thanks man. I really need all the rest I can get."

"So how are you and Y/N(Your name)?" He asked

"We're doing great. Man she's the best."

"That's good to hear. Its great to see you so happy again know, Eme."

"I'm surprised myself. But Eme is my past now and I'm moving forward."

"Thats great man, it really is. Now, you should get going, its getting late."

"Alright bro. I'll see you tomorrow." I said and walked out of the studio.

I unlocked the door to my car and got in, then drove off.

I glanced at the clock, it read, 10:55pm.

"Damn Y/N's gonna kill me" I spoke to myself.

About 10mins later I...

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