A World I live In (BDSM|ManxMan) A World Series: BOOK ONE

A World I live In (BDSM|ManxMan) A World Series: BOOK ONE

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"Your mine Lexi. Your mine to f*ck, your mine to suck, your mine to love. Your inner demons should fear me, they should tremble in my presence. You want to know why? ..... Because your mine, I own you, body and heart. I'll f*ck you to the Earths core, I'll punish you to my pleasure. I'll show you the world, my world, a world I live in" - Master Marcus Tanner


All my life I've only known to be a slave, a sex slave. I'm damaged no Masters or Mistresses want me, I'm just too damaged. Memories of my past terror haunts me, I just can't get away. It's a world I live in. 

Lexi Daniels is a broken submissive, only used as a sex slave it slowly f*cks his mind. Tortured, beaten and thrown on the streets, Lexi is slowly breaking. He lost hope, being a slave is all he knows and now ... on one wants him. As his later orders from his Mistress to stay in Club Lust till another Master gains interest. 

So what happens when Master Marcus Tanner owner of Club Lust wants to make little Lexi his own submissive?

Will Lexi trust Marcus or will keep his past at bay and haunts him forever? Only time will tell between these two, it's a world they live in.

i hope this isnt a bad representation on bdsm bc rape and bdsm are not related at all and many people like to neglect that fact
I really want to read this,  but with all respect the grammar and spelling is just too bad to be able to get into the story.
XPrincess_DarknessX XPrincess_DarknessX Sep 01, 2016
Boy got me like 
                              🎶Oooh na na look at what you started🎶
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Am I the only one who I read the two others before this one?
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I'm reading this book because........??? Finish it for me, people!
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Im not ready
                              But im going to continue 
                              Why u ask 
                              Well im trash so