Cursed Existence //Naruto FF//

Cursed Existence //Naruto FF//

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Lizzy By TheLadyOfRed Updated Apr 03, 2015

A long time ago, when only the Sage Of Six Paths was around. There were the nine tailed beasts, after the Sage split up the Ten Tails, of course. But, to balance out the excess chakra he and the tailed beasts worked to make another. But, it failed. Instead they created a girl, that only looked the age of twelve. They named her Azarhi Bijuu. The last name was just an add on. 

Anyways, Azarhi would never be normal, or completely human. She is a walking mass of chakra. But what the Sage doesn't know is that she is the tailed beast, would she be as strong as the others? Of course not, not in the slightest.   But it would drawl the attention of a couple of artist during a mission. 

Azarhi is immortal, to some extent. She is chakra , so she could die by getting drained. But being chakra, she can just live on and on forever. Azarhi doesn't like this though, she watches all of her family and friends die. She doesn't like that. But that doesn't stop her from making a couple more.

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